3 garden bouquets, 3 different ways

img_4603One of the most amazing things about having your own garden is the ability to cut fresh flowers from it and display them in your home. Depending on what kind of flowers you can grow in your garden, you can get a wide variety and color palette of bouquets.

These are my tips and tricks for making a strong and beautiful bouquet in your home.

  1. Cut lots of grasses, branches, ornamental greens, leaves, and foliage. The flower will be the main focus, but these additions give it life, character, and personality. It’s the heart of the bouquet.
  2. Pick bushel flowers like sedum. This flower is kind of build like cauliflower with a stalky stem and a vibrant, blooming top with lots of tiny flowers.
  3. Use perennials. They are hardy, will come back and grow more during the year and into next year.
  4. Use Annuals, as to bring their vibrant color indoors and enjoy it in full bloom.
  5. Cut off all dead parts + pull leaves off of stems that will be underwater.
  6. Re-cut flowers before putting them in vases to make sure their cut will allow them to absorb water.
  7. A small accent can be just as dynamic as a large one. No bouquet is too small or too big.
  8. Like aways, have fun and be creative. That’s what it’s about.

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