Shopping Local- Tree Farms


Every holiday, whether you are Christian or not, most americans find themselves buying a Christmas Tree. It’s romantic, nostalgic, and there is a hint of mystery and wilderness in it that all religions can enjoy. You can get a tree from almost anywhere, but we would suggest buying local if possible. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. The transfer of pests, diseases, and species to a different native habitat. To avoid this, shop local for woods, food, and plants.
  2. Supporting your neighbor and investing in your community.
  3. For the experience!!! It’s great for a family or friend outing to go look for a tree together. You get outdoors, connect, and get to spend some valuable time together.
  4. Freshness. You literally saw the tree off the root. It’s easier than you think and takes about 30 seconds.
  5. Ease. Once you put it in the car, they take it for you, shake it, wrap it, cut it, put it back in your car, help you tie it up, and give you a bag for you to put it in at the end of the season for a pine needle free house!!!
  6. Free food!!! Usually they have free brats, hot dogs, or sausages along with apple cider, hot coco, water, coffee, and tea. All on the house.
  7. Additional shopping. There is also usually a gift shop with wreaths, extra decor for the house, ornaments, local maple syrup, local honey, packaged warm weather soups, ect…

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